Frequently Asked Questions

Do these natural programs really enlarge the penis, or simply stretch it?
The exercises in each program target the erectile tissue, which is the only part of the penis that can truly increase in size. The penis is primarily made up of a sponge-like tissue (corpus cavernosa) which fills with blood when you become aroused. The exercises in these programs expand the capacity of that tissue, which allows the penis to gain both length and girth.

How much bigger will my penis get?
These programs will generally increase the length of your penis from 1-4 inches. The results can vary from person to person for many reasons, including: which program you use, your commitment level, your general health, if you smoke or not, etc.

Is the enlargement permanent?
The exercises in each program should be performed on a daily basis for the first few months until you've reached your goal. After this you should continue the exercises for about 30 more days before quitting. This will ensure that your penis will keep it's new size. Some programs also recommend that after this, you continue to perform the exercises every few weeks or so as not only will this help you to keep your gains, but it will give you a healthier penis as well.

Are these exercise programs safe?
Absolutely. These programs are 100% safe as they use all natural techniques. These programs have been medically tested and proven to be very safe. We have been using these programs for over 2 years now, and if anything, these programs have actually improved the health of the penis.

Do you recommend any of the penis enlargement pills available?
We have dedicated a page on our website to this very subject. This page includes information that every man who is interested in enlargement pills should read. To view this page, click here.

What do you think about penis pumps?
Unfortunately, there is a lot of confusion regarding penis pumps. They are actually not intended for penis enlargement as most men believe. Pumps are actually intended to help men with poor blood circulation to the penis. Click here to read more about penis pumps.

What do you think about hanging weights?
Not much! This would have to be the most painful and dangerous method around. We do not recommend this method ever! For more info, click here.

Can these programs help with penis curvature?
Yes, we have had many men tell us that these exercises helped them to straighten their penis. The specialized exercises in these programs can safely correct mild curvature.

After testing all of those different programs, how do you know which programs gave you the best results?
Our organization started by searching for as many natural exercise programs as we could find. We then found men willing to commit to the programs, ourselves included. We then assigned a different natural exercise program to each volunteer and tested these men regularly over the course of the year to discover which programs achieved the greatest gains in the shortest amount of time. All members of our organization also participated and after our research and testing was completed we discovered which programs were the most effective overall.