Penis Curvature (Peyronie's Disease)

Peyronie's disease is a condition where the internal tissue of the penis turns to scar tissue and the penis bends, sometimes dramatically, one way or the other. Peyronie's is acquired during adult life.

First described in the 18th century, Peyronie's is usually caused by the formation of a hard plaque of tissue on one side of the penis. Because this scar tissue is hard and inflexible, it causes the penis to bend when erect. But it does also come in other forms: The penis may be hard at the base, but soft up top, or skinny in the middle like an invisible band has been fastened around it. And it can come on fast, a man may wake up one morning with his erection bent over.

The cause of it is thought to be injury to the walls of the internal cavity of the penis, which results in bleeding and later scar tissue formation. The scar tissue is inflexible and tight, and sits in the shaft of the penis as a hard knot, causing it to bend. According to some estimates it affects as many as 1% of all men. Sometimes the problem is minor, and a man may continue to have enjoyable sex. The real difficulties arise where the bend is so marked that normal intercourse becomes impossible. This is very different to the curve that almost all normal penises have, where they bend ever-so-slightly to one side or the other, or upwards towards or downwards away from, the body.

Many men have psychological difficulties with it, and sex is affected. In some cases the problem goes away, but in others it doesn't. Treatment options are limited, but regular exercises performed to straighten the penis have shown considerable results for many men over the last few years. These exercises also help to enlarge the penis. For more information on these natural exercises, click here.