We know that with patience and dedication, an All Natural Penis Enlargement Program can add inches to both penis length and girth. However, we also know that many men want to see results as quick as possible and this is where a clinically proven traction device can help.

We all want to gain as quickly as possible but we also know the importance of rest periods when exercising. Thankfully, we have discovered that not only do traction devices enhance your gains but they also allow you to apply a constant stretch to your penis to help bring the gains even quicker.

It is important that when choosing an extender you do not just settle for the cheapest you can find. Not only are cheap models prone to breaking due to lower quality materials but they often are less effective and provide next to no support or guarantee.

We have been searching for a while for a traction device we can put our trust in, we value you as members and would only ever recommend the best to you.


The ProExtender® device is the only penis extender that we can recommend to you with our full backing. Not only is this device a clinically proven type 1 medical device but it also carried the CE mark so you know you are getting an effective yet safe enlargement product.

For best results we recommend you use this extender in conjunction with an All Natural Penis Enlargement Exercise Program. The device comes with a 100% 6 month money back guarantee and 24 hour customer support so you know you are buying without risk.

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We can assure you that the device is not essential to seeing gains, exercises will provide gains when used alone but for best results, implementing the traction device can dramatically speed up and enhance your gains.

For Proven Penis Enlargement without the use of extenders, we highly recommend that you try an All Natural Penis Enlargement Program